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Bindable is the insurance technology leader for alternative distribution.

Our proprietary platform brings together software, a digital wholesale marketplace, and a full suite of support services to offer flexible, market-ready solutions that connect insurance providers, trusted brands, and consumers.

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We connect the dots.

When it comes to building insurance distribution capabilities, there's no such thing as "one size fits all." With thoughtful, technology-enabled services and unparalleled industry expertise, we are able to bring all the pieces and players together to create configurable platforms.

Who are our customers?

Insurance companies

We can help you expand distribution channels, diversify products, offer auto and home choice and grow without adding burden to your existing infrastructure.

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Brands & affinity groups

We can help you create or grow a sponsored insurance marketplace for clients, customers, members and more.

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Brokers and agencies

We can help you modernize cross-selling, expand into new channels and upgrade the user experience for your customers and agents.

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Here are some of the great companies we partner with.
This is how we make it happen.

When we say configurable, we mean it. Our platform gives agents, brands, and insurance companies the flexibility they need.


Our end-to-end solution is a fully-configurable, soup-to-nuts platform that brings everything we offer into a single place, including our best-in-class support solutions. It's the most comprehensive and flexible distribution platform on the market.

Product Distribution

The name says it all. Literally. When you have a product that's ready for market, this platform is a turnkey distribution solution. It will get you in front of customers and agents faster than you can get through underwriting.

Agent Wholesale

Insurance is all about access; our platform is a combination of digital products, cross-sell and engagement tools, front-end ecommerce solutions, and more.


Be in the insurance business, without having to be in the insurance business. Start with a white label multi-product front-end marketplace for your members to shop for insurance, and our national digital agency will take care of the rest.

Let's not beat around the buzzwords.

Get in touch and we can talk about how to put Bindable's technology to work for you.