We know the affinity business like the back of our hand.

In fact, we know it so well that you don't have to. Providing insurance solutions to your members or customers is a great way to provide additional value, build your brand and generate a steady stream of fee income. But, that doesn't mean you should spend your time trying to navigate the ins and outs of the insurance industry. That's what we're here for. Our customizable front-end marketplace allows you to offer your members or customers an online insurance experience from a brand they already trust-- yours. Our team of nationally licensed agents can offer sales support and custom scripting to ensure your members or customers receive the same experience you provide.

Consider this:

A national association is looking for new ways to monetize their member population while providing additional value. They identified Bindable's Affinity Platform as a solution to do just that. Now, their members are able to shop multiple insurance products across many leading carriers all in one location. Bindable's team of nationally licensed agents are available to support this program, including custom phone scripting when answering calls from the association's members. This association now sees a much higher conversion when their members are shopping for insurance and are able to increase their revenue from this key product category.

Features of our Affinty Platform

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    White label marketplace sites

    Our white label marketplace websites are built with your members or customers in mind. And at the end your users get real quotes from insurers, not bogus "quotes" pulled from published rates.

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    Auto and home insurance choice

    One size doesn’t fit all, so we match your customers or members with the best rates and coverages from multiple insurance companies, which can include group discounts (we can help with that, too).

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    50 state licensed agency

    When your members have questions, we have the answers. Our agents are available 6 days a week (everyone needs a little break) to talk through products, find the best rates and bind policies.

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    Marketing magic

    Let our team create marketing campaigns that will promote your new insurance program with your members.

All of this is just the start.

Get in touch and we will show you how our Affinity Platform can revolutionize your business.