You could spend years building a solution.

We have a better idea.

Our business moves fast and customer needs change even faster. The ability to provide the right product, at the right time, to the right customer isn't a matter of building something bigger, it's about leveraging something smarter. Our Enterprise Platform is the complete (and fully-configurable) solution for helping trusted brands, insurance companies, and brokers capture new business opportunities fast. Whether it's product diversification, channel expansion, front-end template solutions, or agency tools, we have it all.

Consider this:

A Fortune 100 insurance carrier wants to improve their sponsored distribution business. They come to us. Leveraging our enterprise platform, they are able to launch multiple channel partners, each with their own white label website and unique selection of products. This carrier leverages our agent solution (Policy Crusher) to receive and track leads from each of their partners. This carrier is now able to sell their own products as well as other carriers' products through Bindable's direct integrations, improving conversion and retaining customers they could have otherwise lost.

Features of our Enterprise Platform

  • Multiple white label marketplace sites

    Quickly launch multiple partnership sites with a selection of products, including auto and home choice, and provide the tools to track and customize each one.

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    Complete Policy Crusher® access

    Policy Crusher features agent quoting, cross-selling, leads management and a CRM, with robust reporting and communications modules.

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    Configurable business rules engine

    Our rules engine gives you unprecedented control over the quote display for your customers, including preferred carrier and product selection.

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    API access for ecosystem opportunities

    The same API that our white label marketplaces and Policy Crusher are built on is available to our Enterprise customers. You can include quotes in a mobile app or in a customer portal- no problem.

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    In-person training

    Our Training and Operations team will be onsite to provide you with an overview of the platform capabilities, perform case studies and provide hands-on experience.

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    Business analytics

    Get real insight into how your business is performing across partnerships and platforms.

All of this is just the start.

Get in touch and we will show you how our Enterprise Platform can revolutionize your business.