We're not your average insurance technology company...

All the disruption, all the technology, all the promises about what's new and what's next, all the industry game changers... it's all meaningless without one thing: experience. 

We've cold called, underwritten, shaken hands, and stayed up late. With more than 30 years in the industry, we know this business. We're not here to shake things up for the sake of it. We're here to provide thoughtful, technology-enabled solutions to modernize the distribution of insurance.


Insurance distribution as we know it is changing. 
We've got the tools and expertise to help you keep up. 

We help organizations looking to:

Enhance their customer experiences

Insurance providers who want to expand their market share through a differentiated experience either by offering insurance products they don’t provide or servicing customers they can’t write policies for.

Enable B2B2C distribution

Insurance brokers and agencies that leverage our solutions to market into their own roster of clients for additional distribution opportunities.

Embed relevant insurance offers

Adjacencies whose business models are relevant to the insurance buying process - think mortgage lenders, banks, manufacturers - who want to provide offerings that support their customer needs

Monetize their customerbase

Insurance carriers, intermediaries, or brands that have unique access to preferred customer segments and want to monetize their customer base.

Test and learn before entering a new market

New entrants or current providers who are interested in starting their own agencies or entering a new market, but want to “test-and-learn” using ourtsourced digital agency services before commiting the capital needed to start. These partners can later license our technology to power their own workforce if and when they are ready to launch their own agency.

Sound like you? Let's talk!

Our commitment to you

We know that when it comes to insurance, results matter more than promises, and so client satisfaction means everything to us. Our culture is driven by our desire to provide industry leading services and technology to customers and organizations across the country.

Here are some unique characteristics that help us achieve that.

15 years of industry innovation and counting...


Bindable’s roots go back to 2009, when our CEO, Bill Suneson, co-founded MassDrive Insurance Group, LLC (MassDrive) with his partner John Fees. MassDrive began in response to the deregulation of auto insurance in the state of Masschusetts (hence the name!), before expanding to a nationally licensed agency offering multi-carrier auto and home insurance comparison shopping services available for integration with ecosystem partners. 


From there, the company launched MyLifeProtected in early 2016, to focus exclusively on alternative distribution partnerships and to deliver private label and custom branded insurance marketplace solutions to partners at a national level. 


While our technology is the core of our current business, it was born from the need for a solution to help our own agents. We understood the unique challenges that our MassDrive and MyLifeProtected agents had when it came to efficiency. We also had an interest in providing better, more streamlined experiences for our end customers. In 2017, we created a solution that met the needs of many, which today is known as Policy Crusher®, our agent-facing software and CRM solution. 


It wasn’t long before other carriers, brands, and agencies started inquiring about accessing Policy Crusher for their own use. Thus, we began licensing it as a service under the name of Bindable™ in 2018. 


We power more than 500 digital distribution experiences for leading insurers, brokers, and much-loved brands.

Our insurance roots run deep

Over our many years in the industry, Bindable has developed relationships with a variety of insurance associations that benefit our customers and the industry at large. We're proud to be affiliated with and to have been recognized by the following organizations.

Connecting the dots

We understand that when it comes to building effective insurance programs, details matter. That's why we're hyperfocused on creating configurable solutions using thoughtful, technology-enabled services and unparalleled industry expertise that satisfies the unique needs of each of our clients. When you succeed, we succeed.