Policy Crusher™

I Just Want To Sell Insurance

The Policy Crusher™ platform provides a modern, multi-product insurance experience for your agents, customers and affinity partners.

Why Sell, When You Can Cross-sell?

Auto and Home is where the conversation begins. But, what if your CRM could take that data and intelligently make other products available to your agents? Policy Crusher™ analyzes the lead data in real-time and presents other potential products available within the application. Policy Crusher™ makes cross-selling specialty products easier.

Know Thy Lead

We've built helpful tools into Policy Crusher™ to make the selling experience better for the agent and the customer. With local weather and headlines tailored to the customer or affinity group and a complete lead history available to the agents, we can make the process more conversational and less Q&A.

Built For Affinity

Got different programs for different clients? Who doesn't? Give your agents the tools they need to make sense of all your programs right from the start.

Tailor Your Quotes

Because every lead may not be a good fit for each company, Policy Crusher™ has the ability to turn carriers on and off. This gives your agents more control over the quoting process.

We put that sort of passion into all aspects of Policy Crusher™. If you’d like to learn more and see a demo, drop us a line.
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